5 Favorite Fairytales

Mothers of Enchantment by Kate Wolford is an anthology of stories retelling tales of Fairy Godmothers who have granted wishes to damsels in distress in the past. We know the key roles that Fairy Godmothers have played in ensuring the happy ending. But what happens to them? What is their story? What do they wish for? Find it all in this anthology.

My favorite tales from this anthology are:

  • Returning the Favor by Lynden Wade
  • Face in the Mirror by Sonni de Soto
  • Modern Magic by Carter Lappin
  • In the Name of the Gold by Claire Noelle Thomas
  • Flick: The Fairy Godmother by Kim Malinowski


This retelling takes us through the life of a Fairy Godmother who gets a surprising visit from one of her past clients. You will be surprised by the journey this story takes you on. The Fairy Godmother’s past and her journey towards becoming one tugs at your heart.
P.S. : Do not be fooled by looks.

FACE IN THE MIRROR by Sonni de Soto

A Beauty and the Beast retelling where a spoiled brat gets cursed and can only become beautiful when he finds the person who cares the most about him. A Fairy Godmother who communicates through a mirror, teaches the prince to become self-sufficient and unknowingly turns out to be the key ingredient in the recipe for a dinner that will break his curse.
P.S. : Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

MODERN MAGIC by Carter Lappin

A Fairy Godmother who starts her day like the rest of us with coffee and checking her emails. With a scotch-taped wand and a misspelled Starbucks order she appears for her damsel who is in distress over attending the dreaded party. Transformed by the Fairy Godmother with a smashing new outfit and a stretch limo, she heads to the party where she meets someone who finds her to be the perfect fit.
P.S. : Dress for the job you want.

IN THE NAME OF THE GOLD by Claire Noelle Thomas

A Fairy Godfather turns hay into gold for a girl whose choices surprise him whenever he visits. But every favor comes with a price.
P.S. : A rose by any other name will still wither.


You will flick through these pages fast as the story takes you on a journey where an apprentice with anxiety disorder fights to protect humans from their own misdeeds. A strong fairytale with a dash of romance is the perfect concoction of adventure and love.
P.S. : Till Death does its part.

If you enjoy fairytales and their retellings with strong female characters check this book at the links below: