Sadie ran faster than ever as the wind blew in her ears, and her lungs began to ache.  She tried not to think about her sister. Her sweet, delicate little sister Mazie, whose photo now laid crumpled in her shorts pocket. She tried hard not to think about the mail she had received two nights ago. But all she could think about was that package. It held Mazie’s bloodied shirt and a note threatening to kill her unless Sadie gave all her powers to control time to the kidnappers. She ran like the wind trying to find a way. Time had never felt so delicate.  

As she ran toward the last street to reach her finish line, a helicopter hovered close by. A man that she and her sister had evaded for years jumped from it. He opened a bag that looked like a black hole. It could take anything it wanted.  

“Come on, Sadie. What are you waiting for?” He spat at her.  

She noticed Mazie tied in the helicopter, stirring slightly out of her unconsciousness. She knew the man staring at her was hungry for power. He had taken her childhood and her future. All that mattered was the time she had now. She slowed her movement, ready to give up her power.

But something shifted in the air. Tiny swirls of wind turned into massive gusts until the helicopter was spinning all around. The blades kept rotating faster until the entire helicopter blew into smithereens with the man lying on the ground with his open bag of powers. All it took in it were the shards of helicopter and gusts of wind that seemed to have calmed down.  

Sadie ran to her sister lying sprawled at the end of the street. She stared at the beautiful delicate face.  

“He wanted power, sis. I gave him mine,” said Mazie as her fingers twitched, moving the soft air around her.  

“I know,” said Sadie with tears streaming down her cheeks as she held her sister close. 

After all, time was the most delicate thing to handle.