Genres I Love Writing

Horror and Science Fiction are two of my favorite genres. There is a vast array of subgenres under them to immerse my imagination into. I have always enjoyed books set in haunted places and dystopian futuristic cities. But there are some subgenres that I especially enjoy writing.


Quiet Horror

I love writing fiction that goes bump in the night. There doesn’t have to be someone with a machete running after the characters. It is subtle, not graphic, and yet it creates fear in the mind of the reader.

Supernatural Thriller

As opposed to the subtleties of quiet horror, I also enjoy writing fiction about monsters that create fear for the characters. As readers, we can love them or hate them. But one cannot deny that writing about supernatural monsters is the most thrilling aspect of being a writer.

Science Fiction

Cyberpunk science fiction

As we enter the 2020s, with Sophia becoming the 1st robot to receive a citizenship and a UN title, the high-tech future isn’t near, it’s here. It is one of the reasons I love writing the cyberpunk subgenre. It walks on a tightrope between believable and unbelievable worlds.

social science fiction

Since I tend to write character-driven fiction, it should come as no surprise that this is one of my favorite writing subgenres. Creating high-tech civilizations on different planets and galaxies can be a fun aspect of writing science fiction. But the best part is when I write how the characters react to the challenges thrown by their environment.

Horror and Science Fiction are not just about ghosts and spaceships. When I am writing such genres, I get to travel through the terrifying and utopian worlds at the same time. 

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