Neil Gaiman Motivating My NaNoWriMo Goals

Listening to my favorite authors talk about their writing experience always gives me a sense of relief and motivation. Lately, I had been listening to author Neil Gaiman talk about his writing on a podcast. He talked about his writing habits, his ideas, and his techniques. It was a relief to listen to his experience, as he is someone who has explored a multitude of genres and mediums for his projects.

Here are some sunny bits of Neil Gaiman’s advice for cloudy NaNoWriMo days.

1. Writers Get Creative Freedom

As a creative individual with ideas brimming out of the brain, it feels reassuring to know that we can explore a wide array of mediums. Most days I write fiction. But some days I like to sketch my imagination and some days rant/blog about the absurdities of being a writer.

2. Writers Can Be Oddballs

We stick our butt in a chair and write about people we have never known and places we have never been to. We build realms that can make us dance with joy or scream in terror. But they are our realms.

3. Writers Explore with Detours  

There are plotters and there are pantsers. But either way, as writers we have a destination in mind. We might not see the entire map, but we can see at least a few miles ahead. Sometimes around a corner, we see many roads and the story goes on a different route. It will reach an endpoint. But it may surprise us which is just as great.

4. Writers Have A Secret Weapon

And it is called the Imposter Syndrome. It is a double-edged sword. Some days it drives us to learn more and grow our talent. And on some days, it cripples us enough to doubt ourselves.

He also talked about how he feels less of an imposter since he won the Newbery medal in 2009.  

As writers, we all move at our own pace and we know more than we did yesterday. As long as we keep creating new ideas on our page, we are growing. Imposter Syndrome isn’t our Medusa. It won’t petrify us. It will encourage us to write better.

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