Writer’s Roadblock: Point of View

Whose head have your words been entered?

Not to be confused with the Shania Twain song ‘Whose bed have your boots been under’. I am talking about the conundrum that we face as writers when we introduce too many characters in a story.  

While writing a thriller story, I found that adding new characters and exploring their different storylines can be a great way to begin world-building in fiction. But the flip side to adding new characters was that I would write what each of them was thinking and add their perspective to the scene. So, any scene with multiple characters involved a lot of “headhopping”. It wasn’t until I had finished writing the scene that I would know whose perspective was more important to the scene.

Every time the main character would interact with a new character, I would end up using the new character’s perspective as well. 

She thought the black terrier was adorable. He thought it was a hellhound ready to drag him into a nightmare. The terrier looked at his potential owners, thinking he needed to put his best show to gain advantage over the others. The other dogs thought the terrier was a people pleaser.

Too many heads have these words been entered!!!

Now I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. But I do believe that as writers, we face a ton of roadblocks along the way. 

The route that I discovered around this roadblock was Just Write. 

I knew who was the main character once I had written the scene. Discovering the characters is one of the joys of writing fiction. The point of view can be edited once the words are on the page. After all, you cannot edit a blank page. 

Ultimately, here is a gem of an advice that removed this roadblock in my writing journey.

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