Jogging through Writing Sprint

I am a writer.

That felt scary and liberating. This year has been a tumultuous time for me so far. I have been writing stories in horror, and science fiction genres. I had a microfiction published. I have been reading a lot, watching a ton of author panels and vlogs.  

But the one thing that has given me the confidence to say those words out loud is my writing sprint. 

5000 words in 20 days.

It was an interesting and occasionally harrowing journey for me in those 20 days. There were days when ideas flowed fast enough to put 600 words on page. And then there were days when reaching 100 words felt impossible.  But I’m a writer which means I had to persist through those rough days.   

I had started this sprint with writing prompts which I made using random words and images. I dumped my ideas on page ranging from silly to scary. In 4 days, I had written 1000 words. I stopped at that point to celebrate and relish in the progress. 

But hold on tight because it is about to get bumpy.

While writing fiction, I was also contemplating about the nonfiction side of writing. How do I reward my progress was the big question which led to the answer of Blurred Thoughts on Page.

There were days when I wrote 0 words on page. But they were also the days for researching topics, designing Instagram posts and so forth. Those 0-word days led to more productive days as I continued the stories that I had started in this sprint. Some days I crossed 1000 words in my stories. And it felt amazing every time I hit a milestone. Whether it was 1000 or 2000 words in a story, or the 4000 and 5000 word milestones in the writing sprint, it was a productive and creative win every time.

Jogging through this sprint, I learned that whether I wrote 50 words or 500 words in a day, I am a writer. Even on the 0-word days, I am a writer.

Writing fiction is fun. And writing fiction is tough. But one thing that no one can deny is that it is liberating. No matter how silly an idea might seem, it can create magic on page.

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